Welcome to McMakin Music, the website for singer and songwriter Todd McMakin

Hello and welcome to McMakin Music!  I am an amateur musician and songwriter from Tyler, Texas. The music you will find here is homemade, written by me, and recorded in my home studio. You may find songs that fit a number of different styles, and I generally group these as Americana, although there is heavy influence from bluegrass, folk, rock, and country.

Acoustic and electric guitars, 4 and 5 string banjos, mandolin, bass guitar, and other instruments will be present in moderate numbers within these songs.  A few songs on this site may be covers, but I generally tend to stick to my own music, or to music that is older and not copyright material.

The music on this site is recorded for friends and family and is not meant to be a money-maker. If you have found this site in some other way, welcome! I hope you find one or two songs that you enjoy!